Chris Lawyer – Too Much (Official Audio)

Chris Lawyer proudly presents his second producer album, SZIKK. After 3 years of Plum, the new album contains 11 tracks inspired by a love story, gigs, fans, feedbacks, people and everyday stories. SZIKK is a colorful masterpiece.

The artist’s emotions and his interest of music styles results a minimal based album mixed with other genres like house music, melbourne bounce, deep house or even trap.

Album containts some collaborations. Chris Lawyer worked together with Hooch, Sean Darin, Mr.Vincent, Leusin, Femm.

The cover photo of the album made by a talented hungarian photographer, Flóra Borsi. It represents the emotional roller coaster that accompanied Chris’ whole life during the preparation of the album.

These different feelings are given the diversity of the album, the musical atmoshphere of the tracks.

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