Chris Lawyer – Kiskece Feat. Femm (Official Audio)

After many collaborations with international talented singers from each corners of the world, Chris Lawyer, the hungarian DJ/producer wipes the borders totally out with his brand new track. Kiskece based on a hungarian folk song, inspired by Ferenc Snétberger’s, Richard Bona’s and Paolo Vinaccia’s performance. The peculiarity of Chris’s version is the vocal with nigerian accent by the singer, Femm. Chris’s name acclemaid by lot of technical nominates in his country and over the world, such as two Ballentines Music Awards in 2012, but he also was candidate for many others in the last years. His hits supported by the world most famous DJs: Hardwell, UMEK, Ahmet Sendil and many more. His label, Groovemate Records is releasing the top tracks of the Eastern Europe nightlife and the number of his gigs is increasing day by day from Brazil to the Balkans, but his sets and works are still full of energy and talent.

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